DocuPeak Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is a broad term that includes anything related to the delivery of goods and services on the supply side. Whether it's supply-chain oriented activities such as managing documents related to raw material inventory, or work order management for service organizations, DocuPeak provides a flexible platform for automating these processes.

Specifically, DocuPeak customers are leveraging our order fulfillment apps for capturing documents "in the field" and automatically recognizing the completion of a work order. Or, in document-centric businesses such as legal or title organizations, documents are the work product itself and thus the work order is entirely executed within DocuPeak. For manufacturing companies, document and forms are involved in many steps within the manufacturing process, and these can be collected by DocuPeak work orders.

Order fulfillment often times overlaps with case management, which is discussed in another section on the site, particularly in service organizations where the case is the job. The primary difference is order fulfillment generally relates to an ERP or other business system which holds the actual customer order.

Customer Stories

A plumbing services organization located in Arizona uses DocuPeak in conjunction with their NetSuite ERP to track when plumbing jobs are complete. Field invoices are created from the ERP which describe the work to be done. These field invoices have a barcode which represents the work order number. When technicians return from the field, the field invoices are scanned into DocuPeak, the barcode is read and the work order is cleared for billing within NetSuite, automatically.

A title company uses DocuPeak to dispatch requests for title across the entire US. Work orders are automatically created from electronic documents provided from lenders. DocuPeak analyzes the work orders, and determines the best user (according to county) to assign the work to. The user then visits the courthouse, scans the documents, and completes the order through DocuPeak. What was once a lengthy process involving print-outs, spreadsheets, and FAXes is now almost entirely automated.

DocuPeak used in order fulfillment drastically decreases the delay between work being assigned, completed and the associated invoice being sent, and thus payment received.